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Why “GSY ANTI RD” is BEST against Respiratory Diseases ?

JINAN GSY Biotechnology Co. Ltd. is a commitment to animal health products research and development, production and sales, and for farmers and farming enterprises to provide comprehensive professional and technical services of high-tech enterprises. It has dedicated in developing and manufacturing animal using medicines, formulated feed additives since 2001.

GSY always adhere to the “pursuit of excellence, contributing to society” service tenet. Grasps “the green veterinary medicine production, human health service” lofty ideas. Actively committed to the development of animal health.


What is GSY ANTI RD ?

In simple language It is a Respiratory disease killer. In broadly, its a Product for preventing the Organisms inhibit in the Respiratory System of Poultry. Its not a Antibiotic but a combination of some natural sources which have direct functions to make the respiratory passage free from Germ load.  GSY ANTI RD  is one of the Best Respiratory Stimulant in the world.


  • Peppermint oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Menthol oil
  • Vitamin A, etc.


  • Increase the effectiveness of antibiotics used.
  • Reduce reactions occurring after vaccination.
  • Stimulate appetite,
  • Improve a better feed conversion.
  • Improve the ambient air and allow the animals to breathe more easily.


Specification: 1L/bottle, 5L/bottle, 200L/drum

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