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Dr. Eckel’s short visit to Kazi Agro Ltd

Kazi Agro Ltd is well known in Bangladesh poultry sector. The head office of this company has been shifted to the present location this year. With this in view, the Vice President, Dr.Bernhard Eckel of Dr. Eckel Animal Nutration GmBH & Co KG., the main Supplier, was invited to pay a visit here. Ever smiling and gentle Dr. Bernhard Eckel arravied here from distant Germany on 16th of July 2018. He spent some fruitful and mirthful moments, exchanging and sharing views and opinions with others. Notably, there exists long nine years relationship between Dr. Eckel Animal Nutration GmBH & Co KG. and Kazi Agro Ltd. He left Bangladesh on 19th of July 2018. His visit will surely enhance the existing relationship between two.

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